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2018 PSA Annual Meeting

The Poultry Science Association invites you to the 2018 PSA Annual Meeting, July 23-26, at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, Texas. All accommodations and meetings will be under one roof. Hotel Reservations can be made online through the meeting website.

Student presentations and symposia will begin Monday morning. Workshops and symposia scheduled for the meeting include:

Workshops and symposia scheduled for the meeting include:

  • WPSA Lecture: The State and Future of the Poultry Industry to Meet Future Global Needs
  • Informal Nutrition Symposium: Maintaining Production Efficiency in the Face of Changing Consumer Demands
  • Success in the Antibiotic-Free Era Starts in the Breeders and Hatchery
  • Addressing Issues Facing the Poultry Industry
  • Current and Future Directions for Next-Generation Sequencing of Poultry Microbiomes
  • Amino Acids and Low-Protein Diets: Benefits for Performance, Meat Quality, Environment, Health and Welfare of Poultry Birds
  • Novel Applications of Light Applied to Poultry Production: Influencing Growth, Behavior, and Biosecurity
  • Alternative Poultry Production Practices: What are the Impacts on Management, Animal Health, Product Quality, and Food Safety?
  • Feedase: From the Global Indigestible Fraction to the Global Enzyme Solution Approach
  • Informing the Future Using the Poultry of the Past

Register online today for the meeting! We hope to see you in San Antonio!

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