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The Poultry Science Association invites you to the 2015 PSA Annual Meeting, July 27-30, at the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky. All accommodations and meetings will be under one roof.

The meeting kicks off Monday morning with the Opening Session and ends with the Awards Celebration on Thursday evening. The four-day program consists of seven key symposia, the WPSA Lecture, and more than 500 oral and poster presentations from scientists around the world. A tentative schedule is available online.

Attendees will not want to miss the annual PSA BBQ, Wednesday night at the Kentucky Derby Museum. Enjoy some delicious food, view the museum exhibits, tour Churchill Downs, dance to the live music, sample the Kentucky Bourbon, and visit with friends. Other special events include the Golf Scramble, Opening Reception, Wine & Cheese Reception, 5K Chicken Trot, Student Mixer, and Awards Celebration.

Meeting Registration includes breakfast items at the Opening Session, the Welcome Reception, Wine & Cheese Reception, Ice Cream Social, complimentary session breaks, and all the networking a person can do.

Hotel Reservations can be made online for the Galt House. The nightly rate for PSA attendees is $143 plus tax. All guests receive complimentary internet in their sleeping rooms. Those driving to Louisville will also enjoy a 25% discount on self-parking.

We hope to see you in Louisville!!

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