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PSA Fellows Nominations Accepted Until November 1st

Now is the time to nominate a colleague for the distinction of a PSA Fellow. The Nomination Site will close on Saturday, November 1st at 11:59 pm CST. The Fellows Nomination site is located at

The distinction of Fellow is awarded to those who, in accordance with Article 6, Section 1, of the PSA Constitution, have achieved significant professional distinction and who have provided significant contributions to the field of poultry science without regard to longevity.

The following documentation is required for nomination: a nomination letter; a biographical and professional summary (800 words or less) covering activities, accomplishments, and recognitions, emphasizing contributions to poultry science; and three (3) letters of support. Nominations from prior years are not carried forward and must be resubmitted.

John B. Carey, Mark E. Cook, Michael P. Lacy, and Sally L. Noll were bestowed as PSA Fellows at the 2014 PSA Annual Meeting in Corpus Christi. View their video interviews here.

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