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New Poultry and Eggs Books from Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing

New poultry and eggs books are available from Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing: Achieving Sustainable Production of Poultry Meat Vols 1-3 edited by Steven C. Ricke, University of Arkansas, USA and Todd J. Applegate, University of Georgia, USA; and Achieving Sustainable Production of Eggs Vols 1-2 edited by Juliet R. Roberts, University of New England, Australia. Full details can be found here. A freely available chapter excerpt can be found here: Maintaining the health of laying hens: a practical approach - Richard M. Fulton, Michigan State University, USA, and the whole chapter can be made freely available for those who sign up to the Burleigh Dodd emailing list at the Burleigh Dodds website here.

Order your own copy with a special PSA 20% discount online at the Burleigh Dodds Bookshop (quote promotion code: PSA20) or you can use the Librarian Recommendation form at

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