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Poultry Science Association's Annual Meeting
Omni Corpus Christi Hotel, Corpus Christi, Texas
July 14–17, 2014

The Poultry Science Association invites you to participate in our 2014 Annual Meeting. Over 850 scientists, extension specialists, educators, producers, students, and administrators are expected to attend for four days of scientific sessions, symposia, networking, and social events.
Spanish translation will be available for many symposia.

Scheduled Symposia

Keynote Symposium: 10th Anniversary of the Chicken Genome Sequence
Student Symposium: Career Path Planning: The Next Step
WPSA Lecture: Research Advances Made in the Avian Brain and their Relevance to Poultry Scientists
Other Symposia:
Critical Measurements for Critical Decisions
The Role of the Poultry Industry in Feeding the World in 2050
Benefits of Sulfur Amino Acids, from Growth to Solutions Against Oxidative Stress
New Strategies to Counteract the Effects of Mycotoxins on Poultry Health and Performance
Avian Reproduction: Foundational Advances and Practical Applications
Organic Poultry Production with Natural Feed Supplements as Antimicrobials
Advances in Poultry Performance
The Coalition for a Sustainable Egg Supply

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