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Student Awards

The emphasis of this program is to develop scientific leaders in subject matter areas including, but not limited to, poultry genetics, health, nutrition, food safety, and quality for the poultry enterprise and allied industry. A major emphasis will be in graduate education.


Andrew F. Giesen III Undergraduate Internship Awards are designed to identify talented undergraduate students with an interest in science and place them in summer internships with partner institutions for the purpose of encouraging them to consider graduate school opportunities for the M.S., Ph.D. or DVM degree. The experience is enriched by active involvement of the student’s university and industry mentors giving guidance to the research project.


Diamond V Endowed Undergraduate Scholarships in poultry science enable the poultry science enterprise to compete with other disciplines for the most gifted students. Students are not required to major in poultry science, but must focus on poultry science. Students should apply in the spring of their sophomore year as the scholarship is awarded for up to four semesters.


Arthur W. Perdue Graduate Poultry Research Fellowships are designed to support students pursuing a M.S. degree at institutions recognized for their contributions to poultry research and for projects focused on better defining normal broiler chicken behavior and/or the changes in behavior associated with enriched environments in the broiler house. Any proposed research must comply with this mission. The Fellowships will provide funding over a two-year period subject to satisfactory progress.

Merck Animal Health Graduate Poultry Research Fellowships are awarded to an outstanding student in poultry sciences pursuing a Ph.D. degree. The Fellowship will provide funding over a three-year period subject to satisfactory progress. Innovative, applied, and basic aspects of poultry science will be considered, including such areas as intestinal health, immunology, poultry pathology and disease, molecular biology, and vaccine technology and development.

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