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Joint Symposium — July 16th – 8:00 am
"A Crystal Ball Look Into the Future of ..."
This symposium is designed to take a look into the future of poultry production in the next 5 to 10 years. Topics will include genetics, nutrition, hatchery, immune modulation, and coccidiosis. The session will be capped by this year's keynote speaker addressing the issue of the Future of Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture.
Informal Nutrition Symposium — July 16th – 1:00 pm
"Exploring Maximum Animal Responses"
National Extension Symposium — July 18th – 8:00 am
"The Impact of Major Policy Shifts on the U.S. Food Supply and Producers"
AAAP History Lecture & WPSA Lecture — July 18th – 1:00 pm
"The History of the Poultry Industry: Scientific Breakthroughs"
Dr. Greg Mathis will discuss the development of the poultry industry in relation to major scientific discoveries.
Other Symposia (Date & Time TBA)
"Awareness of New Salmonella Thresholds"
"Incubation and Effects Upon Embryo and Hatchling Performance"
"Current Regulatory Status and Use of Antibiotics in the Poultry Industry"