Presentation Upload Instructions for Oral Presenters

Poultry scientists and students are encouraged to submit original research, teaching, and extension papers. Oral and poster presentation papers should consist of original, completed work that has not been accepted for publication in a journal. All authors should be aware of patent considerations before submitting abstracts for publication.

Student presenters are encouraged to enter the Student Award of Excellence competition. Students competing for an Award of Excellence must be the FIRST author listed on the abstract and must specify they wish to enter the competition at the time of abstract submission. Student competitors may submit multiple abstracts for presentation, but only ONE abstract may be entered in the competition. The oral presentation judging will be Monday and Tuesday mornings, while the poster judging will be Tuesday afternoon. Students participating in the poster competition must be present at their poster during the judging.

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, March 15, 2017, at 11:59 pm CST

It is very important that all authors submitting abstracts read the instructions and other documents prior to submitting an abstract.

To begin a submission or edit an existing submission, please click the Submission link below.