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2018 PSA Latin America Conference

The Poultry Science Association invites you to attend the 2018 PSA Latin American Scientific Conference.

The complete program can be viewed using the Mobile Planner. Browse the symposium schedule, the presentation schedule by day, by section, and develop your own customized itinerary of presentations you wish to attend. Please note, the schedule is only available on the device it is developed on. Therefore, you are encouraged to set it up on the mobile device you will be using at the conference.

This conference is open to poultry scientists, graduate students, nutritionists, veterinarians, producers and industry representatives who are committed to advancing the poultry sciences and engaging in the global scientific community. More information, including online registration, is available on the conference website.

We hope to see you in Campinas!


The PSA Program Planning Committee is now receiving symposium proposals for the 2019 PSA Annual Meeting being held July 15-18 at the Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Proposals are to be submitted online at and shall include the symposium title, a brief description of the symposium, the title of each presentation and speaker, the length of each presentation, anticipated expenses and any sponsorship support to help defray expenses. Please keep in mind that PSA will make available a maximum of $3000 per 3.5-hr symposium, and do not pay travel costs for PSA members that regularly travel to the annual meeting.

The deadline for submission is Monday, October 8, 2018 at 11:59 pm Central Time.

If you have any questions, please contact Jon Cole, Director of Business Operations, at (217) 356-5285 or

Thank you in advance for helping to make PSA 2019 a success!


Executive Director – The Poultry Science Association is currently searching for an Executive Director, who will be assuming the duties of the role on or about January, 2019. More details of the position responsibilities and qualifications are available here. Deadline to apply is October 1.

Communications Specialist – The Poultry Science Association is seeking a Communications Specialist who will pro-actively develop, implement and manage the global communication efforts of the Association in pursuit of its strategic goals and objectives. More details of the position responsibilities and qualifications are available here. Deadline to apply is October 31.

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