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Upcoming PSA Meetings

2018 PSA Latin American Scientific Conference
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
November 6–8, 2018

2019 PSA Annual Meeting
Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth
Montréal, Québec
July 15–18, 2019

2020 PSA Annual Meeting
The Galt House
Louisville, Kentucky
July 20–23, 2020

2021 PSA Annual Meeting
CenturyLink Center
Omaha, Nebraska
July 19-21, 2021

Past PSA Meetings

2018 PSA Annual Meeting
San Antonio, Texas

2017 PSA Annual Meeting
Orlando, Florida

2016 PSA Latin American Scientific Conference
Royal Palm Plaza Resort
Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
October 4–6, 2016

2016 PSA Annual Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana

2015 PSA Annual Meeting
Louisville, Kentucky

2014 PSA Annual Meeting
Corpus Christi, Texas

2013 PSA Annual Meeting
San Diego, California

2012 PSA Annual Meeting
Athens, Georgia
Host: University of Georgia

2011 PSA Annual Meeting
Joint Meeting with AAAP/AVMA
St. Louis, Missouri

2010 PSA Annual Meeting
Joint Meeting with ADSA/ASAS
Denver, Colorado

2009 PSA Annual Meeting
Raleigh, North Carolina
Host: North Carolina State University

2008 PSA Annual Meeting
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

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